Tolman Skiff Project  
Fiberglassing the bottom and sides

Fiberglassing the bottom and sides:
All seams have been fiberglassed with five staggered layers of 12 oz biaxial tape, then sanded smooth.
There are three of us doing the work on this boat so we modified the sequence somewhat.
The bottom has three layers of 10 oz 38 inch wide fliberglass cloth. The sides have one layer of 10 oz 38 inch wide and one layer of 10 oz 50 inch wide fiberglass (overlapping chine seams).
We brushed epoxy on to the bottom, rolled out one layer of fiberglass, we used a fiberglass roller to work resin into cloth. Brushed a second layer of epoxy and rolled out second layer of cloth, did same for third layer on bottom. Using the fiberglass roller we were able to wet out all fiberglass. The roller squeezes the epoxy through the cloth.
We then rolled out a pc of 12 inch 17 oz biaxial over the fairbody seam. Cloth was wetted out and it helped keep all fiberglass edges down.
Brushed epoxy unto side and then rolled out first layer of 10 oz fiberglass cloth. Repeated above for second layer of 50 inch 10 oz cloth.
Rolled a 17 oz biaxial over the chine seams.
Let epoxy set up a little then coated the bottom and side with fairing compound, will sand smooth this week and repeat sequence for other side of boat this weekend.
The whole process took about 6 hours, with three people we were able to stay ahead of the resin setting up.