Tolman Skiff Project  
Keel strake and splash rails

Keel strake and splash rails were molded to shape before they were attached. We cut material to 1/4" thick and epoxied together against the form of the hull to obtain the correct radius. After the rails were formed we shaped them. Keel strake and rails were then epoxied to the hull. Filets were formed against the keel and strake and hull and rails.
We are not going to use the UHMW, so it just made sense to cover everything again with fiberglass, the keel strake got three staggered layers of 17 oz, also the splash rails. There was just a little area between the fibreglassed keel and splash rails that didn't get glassed again so we put another layer on bottom and sides. This is no longer a composite hull but rather a fiberglass hull with plywood inside.
After doing all this extra I feel that keel strake and splash rails are a structural addition to the hull.
Faired hull, it looks great