Tolman Skiff Project  
Pilot cabin

   I bought a set of windows for $100.00 about a year ago at a boat yard that was closing. The set included the front, sides and back. They looked similar to what I needed and the price was right! I thought I was way ahead of the game.

   The normal procedure is to fit the windows to the boat, not the boat to the windows, how could I miss that! It never dawned on me when I thought I was saving a bunch of money!..... So we built a mock up of the cabin and adjusted things to make the windows work. If you start adding everything up, I wonder how much I really saved?

Anyhow, here is a picture of the mock up:

Here is a picture of the inside panel of a side wall being installed. Our placement jigs were positioned inside of the wall instead of mounting on the deck:

Here is a picture of the wall with foam adhered to the inside face. You can see the jigs for the other side wall in this picture.