Tolman Skiff Project  
Pilot cabin



Framing for windows, notice we mad the ledge that supports the window a little wider, we may end up keeping it wide. The walls that support the windows are lite and extremely strong. They are only screwed to the shelf and not glued yet. This will allow for easier finish work on the table, I hate working upside down if I don't have to.

Picture with front windows installed in the frame. The back bulkhead is temporary it is there to eventually provide a template for the real bulkhead, but serves many purposes right now.

Pop is hiding out again.

Pop checking to see if a window fits.

View of the inside of the cabin.

Hopefully we got our parallels right!

Front view.

Having a plank for construction has been a blessing. We have a 24 foot table on the other side of this plank and when we need to get to topsides from both sides it works out real swell.