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- Speed Reducer Data Sheet -
N A M E P L A T E       D A T A
Manufacturer:      Foote-Jones Our ID No.      006708
Model:      1802BHC Ratio:      25.53
MO# or S/N      402092-X-1 Alt. S/N      
IP Speed      1750 HP rating      350 Cat. Rating      
OP Speed:       SF / SC      1.28
Date       Oil Capacity      
A D D I T I O N A L      C A T A L O G       I N F O R M A T I O N
Torque Rating      402,000 Lb-Inches Shaft Diameters High Speed:  3.500 (From Catalog)
Low Speed:  7.250 (From Catalog)
Weight      6,200 Lbs Approx. Assembly      Assembly 3
H.S. Shaft
Ratio Approx. L.S.
Shaft RPM
1750 RPM
68 RPM
447 HP
1170 RPM
45 RPM
312 HP
870 RPM
34 RPM
239 HP
720 RPM
28 RPM
201 HP
580 RPM
23 RPM
164 HP
Unit has a cooling fan and a backstop
Same basic dimensions as 1702BHC or 1702BHE
High Speed Shaft may be longer then cataloged dimension.

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