Klistoff Equipment & Machinery, Inc.
- Speed Reducer Data Sheet -
N A M E P L A T E       D A T A
Manufacturer:      HANSEN TRANSMISSIONS Our ID No.      007008
Model:      QVRF2-CUN-11.2 Ratio:      11.116
MO# or S/N      K98-06846-A1 Alt. S/N      
IP Speed      1170/105 HP rating      350 Cat. Rating      
OP Speed:       SF / SC      1.77 SF
Date       Oil Capacity      20 Gals
A D D I T I O N A L      C A T A L O G       I N F O R M A T I O N
Torque Rating      371,000 Lb-Inches Shaft Diameters High Speed:  3.000
Low Speed:  6.000
Weight      3,500 Lbs Approx. Assembly      
H.S. Shaft
Ratio Approx. L.S.
Shaft RPM
Thermal ratings
with 1 cooling fan
1750 RPM
155 RPM
927 HP
590 HP
1430 RPM
130 RPM
776 HP
570 HP
1170 RPM
105 RPM
621 HP
500 HP
870 RPM
78 RPM
469 HP
420 HP
This unit is on a transition base to be a bolt replacement for a Falk Rexnord 2130YBXU2A 2130YBXU2S 2135YBXU2A 2135YBXU2S 2130YBXU2 2135YBXU2  

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