Klistoff Equipment & Machinery, Inc.

Klistoff Equipment and Machinery, Inc. (better known as the Gear box guys) participates in buying and selling new, used, and rebuilt surplus gear reducers, bearings, couplings and other power transmission components. We have thousands of units in our inventory and network, with savings up to 70% of new cost. We specialize in all brands of speed reducers, such as Falk, Dodge, Foote-Jones, Western and many more. Please contact us with your needs and or your surplus inventory for sale.

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Rexnord Planetary Speed Reducer "Planetgear"
CAT. HP @ 1750 RPM
  HP   54.45:1   EARTH- EAAA0443   72,000 Inch Lbs   007268
  1 HP   80.01:1   MERCURY- XABA0554   6,000 Inch Lbs   007283
  3 HP   69.63:1   ATLAS- AAAA0444-26249   35,000 Inch Lbs   007314
  5 HP   54.45   VENUS VAAA0443-31886   20,000 Inch Lbs   007306 007308
  10 HP   43.78:1   ATLAS-AAAA0433   33,000 Inch Lbs   007307 007309
  11.6 HP   11.02:1   MARS- YA1A0033-23971   10,000 Inch Lbs   007282
  200 HP   54.45:1   Jupiter   600,000 Inch Lbs   005412

Klistoff Equipment & Machinery, Inc.
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