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- Speed Reducer Data Sheet -
N A M E P L A T E       D A T A
Manufacturer:      Falk Our ID No.      002066
Model:      65C2-02A3 Ratio:      7.742 :1
MO# or S/N      7-366878 Alt. S/N      
IP Speed      1750 RPM HP rating      94.0 HP Cat. Rating      94.0 HP
OP Speed:      230 RPM SF / SC      1.0 - SF
Date       Oil Capacity      
A D D I T I O N A L      C A T A L O G      I N F O R M A T I O N
Torque Rating      26,200 Lb-Inches Shaft Diameters High Speed:  2.125
Low Speed:  3.500
Weight      700 Lbs Approx. Assembly      Concentric (Inline)

Shaft height is 13 Inches from center of shaft to base.


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