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Klistoff Equipment and Machinery, Inc. (better known as the Gear box guys) participates in buying and selling new, used, and rebuilt surplus gear reducers, bearings, couplings and other power transmission components. We have thousands of units in our inventory and network, with savings up to 70% of new cost. We specialize in all brands of speed reducers, such as Falk, Dodge, Foote-Jones, Western and many more. Please contact us with your gear reducer needs and or your surplus inventory for sale.

Gear Reducer Inventory by Manufacturer:
Black Clawson Speed Reducers
Bliss Speed Reducers
Bolling Speed Reducers
Boston Gear Right Angle Worms
Browning Speed Reducers
Cone Drive Textron
Dodge Speed Reducers
Dodge Shaft Mount Drives
Dodge Tigear Worm Speed Reducers
Falk Concentric Motor Reducers
Falk Parallel Speed Reducers
Falk Right Angle Reducers
Falk Shaft Mount Drives
Falk Ultramite
Falk Worm Gears
Falk DTC Conveyor Drives
Farrel Gear Reducers
Flender Gear Reducers
Foote-Jones Reducers
High Speed Units
Horsburgh & Scott
Hub City
Lightnin Mixer
Link Belt
Nord Gear
Pacific Gear
SEW Eurodrive
Western Gear
Winsmith Speed Reducers
Shaft Mounts Gear Reducers
Misc. Units
Fluid Couplings
Fluid Scoop Control Drives  
Additional Links:
Speed reducers listed by Ratio
   -   Worm Drives
   -   Gearmotors
   -   Bevel Gear Drives / Spiral Bevel Gear Drives
   -   C-Face Mounted Gear Reducers
Reducers listed by HP, Input Speed & Ratio
Right Angle Mixer Drives, Agitator Drives, Pulper Drives
DC Dryer cooler, DT Desolventizer Toaster, DTC Desolventizer Toaster Dryer Cooler
Clarifier Drives
Marine Drives
Large Industrial Turntable Bearings and Drives
Shaft Couplings
Spare Parts
Electric Motors
Industrial Bearings
Roller Chain
Identification Systems,
Embossed Stainless Steel
and Aluminum Plates

Architectural Ornamental Handrail and Railings
Aluminum, Brass and Stainless
Boat building project
Set Collars
Actuators and Valves
Long Term Storage of geared units
Special Gear Reducers
Mud Mixer Drives
Cooling Tower Drives
Air Preheater Drives
Wanted!!! current and out of print books, manufacturers catalogs, service manuals, parts guides, dimension sheets, technical papers and related documentation pertaining to marine and industrial gear reducers, gearing, gear design, gear theory, gear manufacturing and gear manufacturing machinery.


Klistoff Equipment & Machinery, Inc.
PO Box 527
2244 National Way
Woodburn, Oregon 97071

Tel: 1-503-982-0530
Fax: 1-503-981-3038

     Ask for:
Mark Ricci
John Klistoff

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