25' Tolman Jumbo Project
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Building Supply
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Marine Plywood "
     FishyFish and the Tolman Skiff
     Tolman Skiff Yahoo Group
     Tolman Skiffs: Boat plans in book form
     Paul Nelson's Jumbo
     Ray Brown's Jumbo
     Brian Dixon's Jumbo
Making the jig
The bottom panels
Chines installed
Bottom inside glassed
Fitting sides to boat
Taping the seams
Fiberglassing the bottom and sides
Keel strake and splash rails
Fill iting and taping shelves to sides, the bottom part
Primering hull
Painting hull
Turning hull
Motor Bracket
Crash Chamber, or whatever its called!
Pilot Cabin and stuff
Pilot Cabin part 2
Pilot Cabin part 3

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